We clean houses big and small all over the South Chicago Suburbs. Our residential cleaning crews are dedicated and hard working. We believe in making a house cleaning service that fits your cleaning needs, schedule and budget. Whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time service you are looking for, we are here for you. Our cleaning crews are trustworthy, loyal and well trained to service your home like they would their own.



First impressions are important. What do your customers see when they walk into your place of business? That is how we think. We want to showcase the quality of your business by providing an impeccable office space. 


Medical Offices

If there is any place you want a guaranteed clean it is a medical office. We clean for dentists, dermatologists, eye doctors, the whole shebang. Your health is precious and valuable. You and your patients should feel when they walk in your building that you have taken every measure to create a safe and sanitary environment for them. 


Carpet Care

It's amazing how much dirt can build up in a carpet. This can lead to sanitary and aesthetic problems in your building (Not to mention a funny smell). Instead of repainting or dishing out a chunk of change for a new one, consider giving your carpet a little TLC. We use top of the line, heated, dual motor, portable units that are ready to provide a professional clean. It's amazing how a fresh carpet can brighten up a room! 

Post Construction Clean Ups

The founder of our business got his start in construction. He knows what it takes to get the job done, and then get it cleaned up. Our crews are experts at detail cleaning away that relentless post-construction dust and dirt. We will bring the sparkle that turns your construction project into a home or office. 

Hard Floor Care

Don't wait until it's time to dish out thousands of dollars for a new floor. Taking care of it is what makes it last. Whether its vinyl tile, concrete or hardwood, we have the tools and training to bring out the best in your floor. We will also establish a floor care program to meet the long-term needs of the floors in your building.


Window ledges, screens and the space between can be a breeding ground for dirt and bugs. A thorough and professional window washing will take care of the insides and outsides of your windows. It's always good to give your windows a fresh start and literally wipe the slate clean at the end of every season. Let the sunshine in and brighten up your rooms with a window treatment!


Move In/Out Cleans

When you are moving in or out you need more than just a basic clean. We do appliances, cupboards, baseboards and all the corners and crevices that dirt loves  to hide in, especially when there is furniture there. Our move in/out service is like pressing the reset button on your home. We are professionally trained to do a walk through and let you know what services will boost the sell appeal of your home! 


Power Washing 

Sometimes your deck, concrete or building exteriors need a little more power to get that dirt and mildew off. We take care of the stubborn dirt. If we are power washing your deck we also offer a re-staining service.

And Much More...

Werning Maintenance is your one-stop-shop for your maid and janitorial needs! If there are any other services you need we can either get it done for you or refer you to an expert we trust!